Dancehall Misinformation Series Vol 2: BUJU BANTON : The Biggest Lies


3.  Buju banton brutally beat six men believed to be homosexuals.

This is the lie that was used to give impetus to the UK homosexual campaign against dancehall music in 2004.  To paint reggae artistes as murderers and abusers of homosexuals would lend urgency to the call.  Notably, at that time Buju still had not been performing the song and there had been no local reports of Buju being involved in violent acts.

How did this lie surface in the international press when local authorities knew nothing of the charges being made?  Amnesty International reported that Banton had been charged even before he was questioned by police in Jamaica!!  What happened next?

The facts are that the Jamaican police under pressure from international groups brought charges for which there was no basis.  The charges were dismissed by the court.  This happened around the same time that Buju was hauled before the court for marijuana possession and convicted, which had the eventual consequence of being banned from the US in the early part of the last decade.   You see, Jamaican police have no record of protecting reggae artistes.  Reggae and police have been enemies, since the days of Bob Marley and Peter Tosh due to imprisonment of artistes fo even the slightest offence.  There was no collusion between Buju and the police on the charge of him beating up 6 homosexuals, there simply was no evidence to support the lie.

Here despite the facts, that the case was dismissed and there was no evidence of truth, that Amnesty was on he wrong side of the issue, a questionably Jamaican writer indulges in the despicable  ploy of citing the issue without reference and dropping Amnest International`s name in there for credibility(“corroborated”  she says.)

“The allegations of Banton’s involvement in this violent homophobic assault are corroborated by Amnesty International in a letter to Mr Banton dated 19 August 2004″.

As a result, Buju has taken on the lore in the internet community of a violent marauder against homosexuals.  One comment from a youtuber:

buju actually goes out and beats the fuck out of fags


4.  Buju Banton was arrested for possession/traficking of cocaine.

Buju Banton was held in Sarasota Florida in December 2009 for “conspiracy to purchase and distribute” cocaine.  It is alleged that for one year a government paid informant attempted to persuade Buju to purchase and distribute cocaine.  It appears that the closest he came to taking the bait was entering into a closed meetings over the prospect at which time the DEA arrested him for CONSPIRACY.

Still many illiterate people in the internet community insist on painting the artist as an international smuggler of cocaine, not understanding the charges themselves.  For an example of such an illiterate you can cut and paste the link:

or you can go to cancelbujubanton the website.

5.  Buju Banton is disliked by all homosexuals.

FACT: The ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union which defends the rights of homosexuals and has also campaigned for homosexual marriage) recently denounced through its Florida chapter the attemps at censorship of Buju Banton.

Those who are aware of the mistruths that have been vaunted on Buju Banton see him simply as an artiste that disagrees with homosexuality as a lifestyle choice.  Like most of California did at the recent voting on Proposition 8.

They also recognize that he has not made anti-homosexuality his mission, but homosexuals have mistakenly made him their mission.  Some agree that it is ludicrous to pursue this man today for remarks he made as a youth.  They like me can find NOT ONE SHRED OF HATE SPEECH IN HIS LAST 15 YEARS OF SINGING.

That is fact.

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